The viKid Truth

A Radical Approach to Thought
Welcome to the personal site of viKid. I am a superhero with the power to reveal the Truth.

This is a space where I will be exploring the various ideas and disciplines that interest me, and hopefully you. The types of topics we will cover are wide and varied but principally revolve around music, math, physics, computing, philosophy, languages, politics, business, finance & economics and more.

I have always been inspired by the 'personal' website. Not many Superhero's have one. Superman and Batman are wusses!

I think a personal website offers more than what is achieved by blogging on a platform or making an action movie. You get more control of your content and the way you want to communicate with your audience (movie producers are very demanding and want you to perform too many stunts for my liking.)

Saying that, I have been mightily inspired by the site of Xah Lee whos work continually delights me. I hope that one day, this wiki, will achieve a similar status, depth and breath of content. What this site will achieve however is Superhero stardom.

Please note that this site is powered by picolisp, a wonderful little language and virtual machine that I believe has a great future. It is built by another Superhero.



P.S. Caveat Emptor
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