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The subject of physics is absolutely massive and even this Superhero isn't terribly sure quite just how to present it. Frankly, I am entirely confused by the subject myself. At any case I have put down the skeleton of what I think want to write about. It is subject to massive change. So if you like something, download or print it. It may not be here (in the same incarnation) the next time you visit.

Philosophy in Physics

Philosophy is in some sense the quest for truth. So philosophy in physics is really about finding out what is true about the physical world. In many ways it is metaphysics, which is a study of what 'is the case or what is there'. However in this section I want to talk about more concrete aspects of Philosophy that we can extract from a study of actual real world physics.

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Classical Mechanics / Classical Physics

Classical Physics (to me at least) is a physics of absolutes and certainties. It is a physics with a mathematics in which reality is modeled as something that is certainly there, and absolute in some sense, even though in practice we, humans, may not be able to measure it with perfect precision.

This absoluteness, does not make classical physics any less complex or less important. It is just that with modern technology we have found that in either the very small or the very extreme, assumptions of 'absoluteness' do not hold.

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Quantum Mechanics/ Quantum Physics

Design in Nature

Standard Model


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