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I am not a scientist and neither do I really want to be one. I do however love reading, watching, hearing, exploring and writing about it almost all day and everyday, especially if you include Computer Science and Mathematics in there.

For me science is more than a methodology or framework, it is for lack of a better word, wonder. It is the sense of curiosity one holds towards the World in pursuit of learning, participating and sharing what it has to offer.

Science is a gate way to a better life for us all, it should not be used for ideological reason, it should not be a weapon, even if it is to be used as a weapon against ignorance. This was my single largest mistake over the last 20 years. Science stopped being fun and became a tool of politics, arguments and strife.

I hope that you like the pages to follow on the site. Really speaking your best tool is the search bar above. Type in a subject and hopefully I have written about it.

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