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A Crack in Creation by Jennifer Doudna & Samuel Sternberg

The New Power to Control Evolution

For a long time I have question the central dogma of Molecular Biology & Evolution. Can it just be DNA Replication, Transcription and Translation, coupled with Random Mutation that can account for all of life and it's diversity?

Are we just expressions of a Genetic Machine?

I vacillate continuously between believing in this dogma and entertaining more spiritual beliefs. There's not much I can do about it. My mind says on thing, my heart (based on some wild experiences) say something else.

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Jennifer Doudna


What is CRISPR-cas9?

Videos by Thermofisher

Understanding CRISPR-cas9 and Other Ideas in Genetics


Chromothripsis is the phenomenon by which up to thousands of clustered chromosomal rearrangements occur in a single event in localised and confined genomic regions in one or a few chromosomes, and is known to be involved in both cancer and congenital diseases. It occurs through one massive genomic rearrangement during a single catastrophic event in the cell's history. It is believed that for the cell to be able to withstand such a destructive event, the occurrence of such an event must be the upper limit of what a cell can tolerate and survive.[1] The chromothripsis phenomenon opposes the conventional theory that cancer is the gradual acquisition of genomic rearrangements and somatic mutations over time.[2]

Chromothripis @ Wikipedia

The Gene Casino.

Dna replication transcription and translation

Good Slides to Study.


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