C in a Nutshell

By Peter Prinz & Tony Crawford

nut My Notes and Tutorial on C can be found here...

This is a book that I believe should be on the desk of every vikid C programmer. I have it both as a solid book and as a pdf and always keep a copy with me.

This is a good 800pg Gorilla and has pretty much everything you are going to need to program in C.

The other book that is indispensable is Advanced Unix Programming Environment which I will review later.

The Book is split in 3 parts.

  1. Language

    This is almost 282pg long.
  2. Standard Library
    • The Standard Headers
    • Functions at a Glance
  3. Basic Tools
    • Compiling with GCC
    • Using make to Build C Programs
    • Debugging C Programs with GDB
    • Using an IDE with C


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