The Dictators Learning Curve

Inside the global battle for democracy

This is a book about the interplay between authoritarian regimes and the forces that oppose them. It is about the historical developments in the politics and implementation of such regimes.

As the title suggests, there is a 'learning curve' at work here, an evolutionary arms race. There is a 'war' between the forces of democracy and authority.

Writing now, just days after the UK referendum ended in a Brexit, I can see these forces at play, yet again.

Notable Quotes
"He who does not regret the brake-up of the Soviet Union has no heart ; he who wants to revive it in its previous form has no head." - Vladimir Putin

"At its roots, s dictatorship's most inviolable principle is the centralization of power. It is that principle - the control of the many by the few ..."

"Today's dictators and authoritarians are far more sophisticated, savvy, and nimble than they once were."

"For my friends, everything, for my enemies, the law." - an activist talking about Hugo Chavez's method's


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