Div Grad Curl and All That

divegrad I found this lovely book in Folyes Book Shop in London. Folyes, especially the old one is one of my favorite book shops in the world. In fact it is one of my favorite places in the world to be full stop!

Well I was in the physics section one day minding my own business when a rather strange but friendly man started chatting with me.

"So you like Physics eh? What do u like
about it and why?"

"Uh, I am really trying to wrap my head around
General Relativity, I am fascinated by the theory
but can't quite wrap my head around all the
math...", I replied.

"Well have a look at Div Grad Curl", he said and
proceed to nimbly hop round the shop till he had
actually found me a copy.

"It worked for me", he said, as he hand over the
small red curious book.

And that's how I got it.


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