The Economics of Inequality by Thomas Piketty

Date 23/07/2016

What should one say when they've read so little of a book. One could talk about they've heard, I suppose...

Well, for a start I bat closer to the Austrian school of Economics than any Keynesian or Communal kind. I feel more at home with Thomas Sowell than I do with a Stiglitz, Krugman or a Piketty. So reading this book feels harder to me than it should.

Its a short book. I really should bang through it but, when the world beckons, it is difficult to read a left wing prude. You see, getting a balanced view is much harder than it looks!

So what I kind of 'know' from watching his critics, is that Piketty work on Economics is focused on how Income Inequality distorts the economic landscape leading to results that will be undesirous, or to cast it in economic language, the distribution of scarce resources will be inefficient and lead to unnecessary human strife.

Now that is just a guess. I haven't read the book yet. I will update as I learn more.


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