Gold by Mathew Hart

Date: 24/06/2016 gold

Gold is very closely tied with the idea of money and money is one of those things that makes the world go round. Its been in use for centuries as a proxy for wealth and it has a very rich history. By studying gold you are embarking on a rich future, quite literally! A future in which you can understand wealth, protect yourself, your family and learn more about human history.

Gold has played a very grand part in it.

This book is about 228 pages long and written in an exciting narrative style. It starts of deep in the gold mines of South Africa where an underground city full of adventure, crime & thievery exists. What we find down here is just what people will do for gold. Incidentally this mine is now part owned by the grandsons of Zuma and Mandela. (Coincidence?)

Currently it is estimated that approximately $1B is stolen from the approximate $7B mined each year from the underbelly of South Africa. This theft and corruption is really affecting the country badly. In many ways, gold is a large part of the culture in this country.

to be continued.

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