indi-470 4 August 2016

Independence Day: Resurgence

I was a young man when the first Independence day came out and I loved it. I was a young and before I really started thinking about movies from a cultural context. Or about how the people who make movies want us to think about culture.

Have you ever thought about movies are cultural artifacts?

At any case, I went to watch this movie (the sequel that is) with an open mind, especially with a mind ready to watch another remake. There have been so many recently. It makes you think if Holywood has lost its ability to create.

I will if forced, i would give this movie 6.5 our of 10. I enjoyed it. I was entertained. I did come out happy, but on reflection I want to ask what it was really about.

1. It is set in a renewed world. A world where humans have acquired alien technology, and used this tech to build a better world.

But I found the world they built funny.

2. The US and the Chinese are very very prominent. But there isn't any Indian in sight.

The viKid is born Indian (as in India) . As an ethnically born Indian, he is very surprised that Indians are not prominent in the new world order. Ok, forget prominent, they are non existent.

3. Ok, lets forget this transgression. Black people are prominent in the movie, but this time the blacks are represented as a clan of Warlords. Warlords that helped save humanity and ultimately good but yet a kind of 'hoo hoo ha ha' clan.

4. The Chinese on the other hand are represented as the new sophisticates. The only love interest in the movie is a Chinese girl. The moon is protected by her dad/uncle?, a stern Chinese General.

5. It is funny indeed, cause the movie in many ways was good. But why these choices. Hollywood and California are full of Indians. India recently joined the illustrious few countries to have its own GPS. It is a country that has its own a space program.

6. Come to think of it there is an even more sinister narrative. The white protagonist has a spiff with the black hero (Will Smiths Son). It is unjust. But the fake injustice is never really resolved. As a hero's son the black character is treated as royalty. But the injustice is left just there. The message in my opinion, "Get used to it".

So this movie is funny and I could write more about it. It actually deserves a longer critique. If I find one I will post it below.

I hope this one gives you something to think about.



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