Integral Meditation by Ken Wilber

I first came across Ken Wilber when I picked up 'A Brief History of Everything' and wow, was I surprised. It wasn't quite like anything I have read before. I then tried I 'Sex, Ecology & Spirituality' and very much liked it.

Ken Wilber has a way of integrating wide portions of human knowledge and experience , producing works that really have you thinking deeply about the world around you and within you. It is quite fascinating.

Some time after pondering his work in a little more depth and after following the the works of people who have extended his work, I got a little disillusioned. It felt like some kind of scam, some kind of new age nonsense and I quit all affiliation with his work.

Now, at least 10 years later, I came across this fresh new work while perusing a beautiful bookstore at the foothills of the Rockies in Boulder, Colorado. I decided at once to give Ken another chance.

Lets see how it goes, I'm excited ;-)

27jun16   admin