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Secrets of the Temple by William Greider

How the Federal Reserve Runs the Country


I bought this book on recommendation of a cousin. The problem is it is dense and about 800pgs long! So for most of the text below, I will essentially be taking notes as I read the book. The notes will eventually be converted into a narrative explaining the book chapter by chapter.

Part One

The Choice of Wall Street

The books starts of trying to explain to the reader how despite most people (America Citizens) thinking that Power is Transfered between parties and candidates from election to election, the real truth is that real power stays out of the electoral process.

Its Mechanism is something different. Real power wields itself through the "Federal Reserve System" and it can do so largely because of citizen ignorance.

Counter Intuitive effect of Inflation - People think to buy now, often with borrowings and pay later when it is cheaper.

In the Temple

A Pact with the Devil

Behavior Modification

The Liberal Apology

The Roller Coaster

Part Two

The God Almighty Dollar

Democratic Money

The Great Compromise

Leaning Against the Wind

Part Three

A Car with Two Drivers

That Old-Time Religion

Slaughter of the Innocents

The Turn

Part Four

A Game of Chicken

Winners and Losers

"Morning Again in America"

The Triumph of Money

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