Stretching Scientifically by Thomas Kurz

This is a book that bring back fond memories. That picture on the front was once a goal for me to reach. And if I am to be honest... I actually got very close.

I don't remember the year I bought the book right now but it could have been between '93 -'95 and I followed its recommendations till about '98 at least.

I got pretty darn flexible until packed it all in for the 'cerebral' fun in college.

The book is easy to follow and makes sense. I am not sure if is still in print but I can give you the gist here.

1. You need to build strength into your stretch. Weak muscles are not healthy so doing only passive stretching is a mistake.

2. Use ballistic stretching but don't go overboard and always make sure that you are very careful to avoid injury.

3. Remember all your ligaments and other sinuous materials will need to adapt too. They are generally less responsive than muscles. So go slower than your progress may indicate.

4. Take adequate rest.

If you do find the book cast away in some garage sale. Snap it up. It is great.

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