Where to Invade Next by Michael Moore

This a movie by Michael Moore (MM) that like all his other movies, makes you think about how society is organized and about how we can make it better.

I don't often agree with MM, I find him a bit of a hack. A man who finds socialism in every cure and a man who knows the solution before he asks the question. One look at him and you know something is wrong. He looks so unhealthy it actually turns me off. (And don't look at this photoshopped image and get confused. Actually look at him on TV or elsewhere.)

I know that personal attacks aren't often good but in this case it is justified, I believe. Would you take yoga advice from Chris Christie? Then why social advice from MM? He seems to be totally misguided and intent on misguiding more people.

Saying all that though, doesn't mean there is no value in his movies or that good ideas become bad, just because they came out of MM's mouth. No, ideas should be assessed on their own merit and moreover, movies should be assessed by how well they are made, how good their script is and other such metrics.

I liked the movie on that level. I also encourage you watch it. I review movies here, not lie about them.

In this movie MM examines the following concepts:

1. Worker pay and Holidays in Italy especially what is legislated for free.

2. School Food in France.

3. Schools and Education in Slovenia especially the their methods and the role of privatization. Free Education for everyone and college debt, the cost vs quality.

4. Work culture in Germany.

5. Ownership / Teaching guilt for the second world war to German students.

6. The war on drugs in Portugal, the decriminalization of drug use.

7. The Prison and Criminal System in Norway.

8. Women's Health and Abortions in Tunisia. The formation of democracy.

9. Feminism, Politics and Bankers in Iceland

Quite ambitous, I say.


One would be forgiven for thinking that these countries are Utopias the way MM presents them.

These are places where everything smells of roses and everyone is in one happy family. I am not joking here.

That is literally how he portrays them.

Worker pay and Holidays in Italy

This is the first part of the movie and definitely one of the most annoying, for a libertarian / free market capitalist like me. Something fishy is going on with MM's analysis.

But what, i imagine?

And would your regular Joe figure it out?

I am sure he would not. What about the incredibly low birth rates, criminal gangs and high unemployment rates in Italy? Or about the massive immigration issues, looming debt crisis and Goverment corruption? The list is endless.

Yes, I know Italy is beautiful, viKid has been many a time but there are other truths too and trends on the European Continent that are not discussed or explored as counter examples.

In fact the main couple he interviews who have the ideal lifestyle of going on multiple holidays and running every morning themselves are childless. Moreover, they looks like the kind of couple that will forever remain so. I know this is an isolated incident, but this entire movie is made of isolated incidents.

I find the biggest crime in this movie is probably this, it sells the idea of a Utopia that is juvenile and unexamined, picking isolated ideas in different countries and analyzing them in only one context. In the context of how all these ideas are often originally American, but how America doesn't use them and how American society is now bad or worse because of it. Hidden, well not so hidden implication... Capitalists are greedy, immoral people.

It is dangerous.

It is like Hugo Chavez who sold his version of these ideas to a mass of people who had no idea what they were in for. Look where he took Venezuela, look how it is ignored in the news. Ideas without counter examples, that's the crux of this movie.

Ownership / Teaching guilt for the second world war in Germany.

There is a particularly revolting part where he recites a new oath he thinks all American children should learn in school,

"I am an American, I live in a great country that was born in genocide and built on the backs of slaves."

I am really am unsure about this.

It is a hot topic and I will you think about this privately.

What I can tell you is read Thomas Sowell or if you're lazy, find him on YouTube.

Examine the real history, the world-wide history and you will be surprised.

You will also realise that MM is either a fool or a liar. I leave it to your judgement. I don't believe I am leaving you with false choices.

School Food in France

Now I got genuinely hungry watching how these kids eat! I went to a very expensive private school and we never ate like this. Wow. Now we can really go this way. School food should be good but so should home food. I would have really like to see him explore that.

The War on Drugs in Portugal

If you haven't heard about the successes of decriminalization, you need to read Johann Harry's book "Chasing the Scream".

I contend that this part ofthe movie is a just a rip-off of the book. No acknowledgment is given. hmmm....

I can't say I can disagree with this point in the movie. I can say that he again uses a false narrative, a degrading narrative, a shaming narrative for the judgement of his fellow citizens in the USA.

The Prison System in Norway

I was genuinely surprised by this part of the movie. I like to think of myself as well informed but I had never heard of this before. Now I definitely need to learn more about this. It is hilarious!

Feminism, Politics and Bankers in Iceland

Iceland I learned has a fairly sane form of feminism, fun politics and a justice system that put away criminal bankers. I know not much more. Learning is good before commenting. Again, with the slightest amount of research and looking at news sources out the main stream media narrative, I got a rather different picture. Again, MM only shows you one side of the equation. Again you are misled.

It this getting boring yet?

Do you see how this man operates?


He ends the movie at the Berlin Wall after a very brief mention of Nelson Mandela.

Apparently revolutions are easy to create and will lead to great results.

What a sham artist.

South Africa is on the brink of some really big problems. It is great that they ended apartheid but now they will create new problems.

What about the Egyptian revolution? Didn't go so well there did it? Oh, how about Syria?

Wow, look how that revolution worked out.


Again the list is endless.

MM is a sham revolutionary. A dreamer of the dangerous kind.

I feel this is the movie that will get Hillary into power, because no one will question this narrative in the mainstream media.

It is a dream sold on lies. Don't believe it and spread the news.


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