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Freedom in Computing

date: 29 July 2016

It all started with Richard Stallman, or at least I tell myself that. I am not sure when I realised I wanted freedom in my computing.

But it did start with software or my inability to get the software I wanted in the early 90's, namely Corel Draw. And now, if I do think of it rightly, it also started with the 'blue screen of death' and the amount of work I lost due to it.

And then I discovered various Linux Magazines with their promise of open source software and freedom in computing. Those were exciting days, '97 was when I really started using linux for the first time.

Installing Linux in those days was a mega project, there were very few simple installation tools and one had to pick your hardware carefully. So after a few years of frustration I gave up.

Anyway this is getting to be a long story and what I really want to tell you about is my new project.

2016 is the year. I am now back on Linux (Ubunutu) near 100% of the time, running it as my primary system.

  1. Leaving Mac and Microsoft sanely
  2. Leave Facebook
  3. Leave Google and it panoply of services and products
  4. Live in the free world of picolisp
  5. Live in the world of Freedom Computing

Leaving Mac and Microsoft sanely

Now, I tried and failed many a time. The thing is it is really hard to run linux on crap hardware. I have been through more laptops than I care to imagine and constantly ran into wifi problems, usb problems, screen and display problems and more.

No matter what I did. There would be some niggling keyboard issue, some proprietary driver issues or something else.

The only solution I have found out, is to go with a professional outfit like, Emperor Linux. I have no affiliation with the company, they just did a great job.

Now I have a laptop that actually works and works so well that I only have to worry about my own software skills. Gone are the mind-bending hours of hardware configuration.

So that is my suggestion to you. Find them, or someone like them. The cost is worth the time you will save configuring nonsense. And it really is nonsense to do so.

It took me near 20 years to figure that one out. So if your new to the game, please think about it.

Leaving Facebook

Date: 06/08/2016

Leaving Facebook is liberating. It really is. I can wholeheartedly recommend this line of action to anyone. You don't need to cancel your account. You can just deactivate it, and boom, a destructive part of your life disappears.

Why destructive and what could be wrong with connecting with friends?

Well a lot really. You may think that your really connecting with friends but I think for the most part, people are just re-posting crap or posting pictures of themselves on holiday. At least that is what I noticed. It eats at you over the long term.

Once you close your account, you find that you are greeted with peace and that you have almost everyone you needs phone number or email on you if you want to contact them.

Use whatsapp (a facebook product) if you have to. It is fine.

Leave Google and it panoply of services and products

Date: 16/11/2016

I am not there yet, but after a long search I found fastmail. Fastmail is a small independent and alternative email provider that offers many features similar to gmail. It works well with both my Android Systems and IOS, providing fast native apps for email programs.

It has builtin Address Books, Calender's, Notes and File Management.

It is quick and hassle free. Emails are really easy to find, rules for folders are intuitive and everything is really just one or two clicks away. Features are not hidden or opaque.

For search I use Startpage and it hasn't really let me down. It seems to perform really well and I seldom find the need to reach out to google.

So google is on the way out but not the whole way yet.

You may be interested in deleting much of your google history also at

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