Hackers' Handbook

by Dr.k


The Hackers' Handbook is, while being a delightfully dense and complex book, also quite readable.

It is not overly large at approximately 300 pgs in length but I still feel there is enough information in it to last a life time.

The book is split in four major sections:

  1. An Introduction into Hacking
  2. Tools, Techniques & Threats
  3. Cyber-War and Cyber-Terrorism
  4. The Future

The book is both educational from a technical and historical standpoint, in that it documents real attacks, people and institutions involved.

I really can recommend this book to anyone with a technical background, it certainly is not a book for anyone who is looking for surface analysis from a laymans perspective.

So this is a book that digs deep and effectively takes the reader into a 'next level' understanding of how hackers work and think.

Below I shall list some of the Highlights from the book:

Tools to Learn


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