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I haven't used Windows as my primary system for over 10 years, using Mac mostly in the mean time. Through the years, Apple and the OSX environment also began to trouble me. Apple kept making changes that made it difficult for me, in the Free Software Movement, to work freely!

I had to change and have now moved almost exclusively on Linux. My Favourite distros are Ubuntu (for its sheer ubiquitousness) and Manjaro (for being an easy Arch distro).
Linux Processes and Memory
This is an area I have really struggled with but it is the heart of Linux. What this section will try to do is explain the subject to the would be linux beginner. Read more here...
Tools to Learn
Display Modes and Virtual Consoles
Linux Introspection
Ubuntu Common Tasks
Tools and Software
The Vikid Arch Linux Wiki!

Reading List & Source

  • TDLP Linux Guides and Howto's
  • The Kernel (2.6) Module Programming Guide
  • Inspecting Hardware - openGL
  • Todo After installing Ubuntu 16.04
  • Critix Remote Applications
  • The Linux Process Manager
  • GNU Docs
  • Dealing with IO, sigio & C10K Problem
  • Single Unix Specification

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