Shigeru Mizuki's Hitler


Date 8th December 2016

This really is the most awesome of books. I had never read an illustrated novel by Shigeru Muzuki before and took a chance on this when visiting Blossom Book Shop in Begaluru, India.

First things first, this shop is just one of the most charming book shops I have come across and always full of the most amazing titles. It's about three stories tall and probably has 1/10 or even less the area of Folyes in London, but carries probably the same number of books!

Unfortunately I think Folyes lost its way recently, going for show rather than substance.

Back to the book.

This work on the life of Hitler will give you an insight of the man like no other for time you spend on it.

The value / time ratio is beyond reproach.

Not to mention, It makes you feel complete. After the number of movies I have seen about the war and all the school time, this book is like the master key that gives meaning to the whole episode and why such a man did what he did.

Simply, the book is indispensable.

07dec16   admin