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The site is fully indexed, which means that it will find any word (over 3 letters long) which is relevant to you. Once your on a page, use your browsers 'find in page' function to locate the item.

So good luck!

This Wiki has a very simple syntax. It always starts with a single character (that specifies the type of markup) followed by an opening brace, and extends till the matching closing brace.

Currently, the following markup types are supported:

   3{Heading}                 Heading (level 3)
                              Levels 1 .. 6 are allowed

   &{3}                       Insert 3 line breaks
   &{-3}                      Insert 3 line breaks, clear float style

   /{italic}                  Italic font
   !{bold}                    Bold font
   _{underline}               Underlined font

   *{                         Unordered list
      -{List item 1}             List items
      -{List item 2}

   +{                         Ordered list
      -{List item 1}             List items
      -{List item 2}

   <{content}                 Left-floating content (e.g. image, video)
   @{content}                 Non-floating content (e.g. image, video)
   >{content}                 Right-floating content (e.g. image, video)

   ={Doc Page}                Internal link to the document "Doc"
                                 The optional label text is "Page"

   ^{ Text}     External link to ""
                                 The optional label text is "Text"

   :{code}                    'code' style

   :{                         Pre-formatted text

   {                         Escaped brace

   #{comment}                 Comment

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