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The VikiD Wiki is my dream project and I have many plans for it in the future. At the dawn of the internet era I was just emerging from my shell a new entrant in to the world and cyberspace. I used to have grand dreams (still do) of taking this world and everyone in it to new heights never seen before. So like the other geeks I dreamed of space, hyperspace and the transcendental permeation.

I used to read a lot of philosophy and I started studying mathematics and the sciences more seriously. I did this all on my own and for one reason or the other (usually to do with chemical intoxication and other such habits) I never got very far. It had a nasty habit of wiping my memory leaving only shadow traces of my exploits behind.

But I still wanted to write and write I can, well not really, but right or wrong, writing was part of my destiny. It did not matter who read, for I would read it with joy and my memories would survive in written form.

So finally it came down to this wiki, I found a technology that allowed me to express myself without getting in the way. Books are rigid you have to have a linear structure, blogs are equally stifling, you are forced into a temporal linearity. I needed a platform that matched my neural patterns. This wiki does that and furthermore I didn't want to host my works on other peoples platforms. So the wiki was born, hosted by myself.

This wiki is really a like a representation of my own memory. It is not linear, sufficiently blurry around the edges and pages are linked like internetworked neurons. Connection Style is Many to Many and in all directions. Just keep following the links around.

I really recommend that you use the search bar above to navigate the site, in fact this the primary way I navigate my own site. I ask my artificial brain, and it responds with whatever I know.


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