Caveat Emptor

This is a site where the I explore ideas.

I do not necessarily endorse these ideas.

As a superhero of Truth, I am an ideas explorer.

This doesn't mean that everything I write about is what I believe and at the same time it also doesn't mean the opposite.

What is written here is an exploration of ideas. Ideas worth thinking about.

I do not try to plagiarize other peoples content and you will see that I link to other peoples works or mention them liberally all over the site. However, I do have to make a note here:

This site is not an Academic endeavor, I do not 'cite' my sources line by line nor do I make any special effort to distinguish between several sources when their ideas intermingle. Please give me the courtesy of first checking the name of the source in the search bar. If you find it you know I used it. This site is about clarity not footnotes, citations and large bibliographies.

The site is also a work in progress. Being a Superhero with hero sized ambitions, I create a lot of stub pages that I wish/intend to fill out over time. Thus you may come across many half written articles, pages and random content. So keep this in mind. I cannot be held responsible for your actions, do your own research before taking any action. Seek, experts in the fields that you are reading about. Even I, a superhero, understand the value of expertise and use it for any critical operation.

You have been Warned.

I am not overly religious and do not hold extreme political views. Everyone who knows me also knows that I change my mind about things as frequently as the earth travels around the sun. That is approximately once a year.

It is not flippancy, but perhaps reflects about the half life of any give fact. So I believe in the flexibility of changing beliefs as quickly as the facts that support them.

I try my best, and if you do believe that I am wrong about something or you have 'facts' that may change my views, I very much welcome.

Take care,



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