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Climate Change / Global Warming

Though, I was always a very strong believer in Climate Change / Global Warming, on the balance of evidence that I have found, I now no longer believe in it as it being portrayed in the media and other global organisations. To be sure the climate is changing. It always has and always will but "Climate Change" has become a political ideology of religious proportions.

It is this "Ideology of Climate Change" that I now repudiate.

I will not try and present you with balanced view here. This is not my purpose, let us be clear. Sometimes the Truth isn't balanced.


Try and make sense of this Graph. I mean really look at it. What can you deduce? What could be the errors? How have scientists figured out what they have. Who is telling you what? Have you heard the other side of the argument. I don't mean strawman arguments but arguments by real scientists which are thoroughly thought out? Do you know even one such person?

I believe that most of the media and prevalent cultural forces side with the Ideology Climate Change and not nearly enough information is available for the other side.

What you will find below is this other side. Take your time to view it, and make your own decision.

It takes me a long time to update all the videos (despite my super powers). Sorry for the delay!

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