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I am very new to SmallTalk and Pharo in particular. I like the idea of image based programming and the have followed the works of Alan Kay and Dan Ingalls for some time now (I very highly recommend it). Pharo looks to be quite a capable system and it is calling my attention. I shall do what I can and post my discoveries here. I think the Pharo Zen is one of the most beautiful poems about computing philosopy. I hope that you like it, the emphasis is mine.


Pharo Zen

Classes structure our vocabulary.
Quality is an emerging property.
Abstraction and composition are our friends.
Learning from mistakes.
Communication is key.
Better a set of small polymorphic classes than a large ugly one.
Explicit is better than implicit.
Fully dynamic and malleable.
Easy to understand, easy to learn from, easy to change.
Simplicity is the ultimate elegance.
One step at a time.
Polymorphism is our esperanto.
Examples to learn from.
A system with robust abstractions that a single person can understand.
Magic only at the right place.
Objects all the way down.
Beauty in the code, beauty in the comments.
Perfection can kill movement.
Simple processes to support progress.
Tests are important but can be changed.
There is no unimportant fix.
Messages are our vocabulary.

Typical Pharo Window
Viewing a Collection Class. 03-system-browser

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