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C Programming

cprog The C programming language is at the heart of GNU/Linux - it is the programming language most of the Linux Kernel and GNU tools is written in.

There are many outstanding books and online resources where you can learn C and as such this site will not try and duplicate these efforts.

What I will try to do here is try to complement other sources, trying to explain parts which are easily overlooked by beginners or are difficult to remember. I hope that you like what is on offer and if you do, please bookmark these pages and spread the word.

  1. The C Language
  2. Standard Library
    • The Standard Headers
    • Functions at a Glance
  3. Basic Tools
    • Compiling with GCC
    • Using make to Build C Programs
    • Debugging C Programs with GDB
    • Using an IDE with C
    • Unicode in C

  4. This tutorial borrows heavily from C in a Nutshell and other sources

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