Philosophy in Physics

The Philosophy of Physics is a very challenging field because not only do you have to be good at Philosophy, you have to be good at Physics and Mathematics too!

To tell you the truth, I try hard, but even this superhero has trouble here. I feel this is a subject for the gods. Us mere mortals will just have to struggle - but there is joy in the struggle too. I hope that my pages here will help shed some light on the subjects at hand.

I have tried to do two main things here:
  1. I have tried to address subjects as clearly as I can with the least possible verbiage. I wan to keep things succinct. There are plenty of texts to get your feet wet in. I don't need to replicate these efforts.
  2. I will add meaning from the perspective of this Superhero. In many ways, what is written here is how this philosophy is meaningful to me.
Once again, I don't want to repeat myself but I must reiterate:



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