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The Fundamental Principles of Computing and Programming

what you need to know
  1. Programming languages exist so that we can make a vast number operations with very few instructions.
  2. Algorithmic Information Theory, AIT, is the study of how information is compressed.

    Think of the Gutenberg Press and what it did for books. Before the printing press, books were very expensive and very hard to come by because you needed a large number of monks to copy and transcribe books. The printing press only needed one monk. The machine was 'programmed' to produce a book. And Voila, for i = 1; i < 1000; i++;

    Computing is the same thing, but now we are able to communicate and operate on data with incredible speed because we can compress and automate action with the use of computer languages.

    It is a curious fact that ideas and actions can be compressed.

  3. Great programming is working out ways to do complex tasks, simply.

    This is known as Abstraction.
  4. Just think about how much easier it is to carry a tool box full of tools than all the tools you need separately. Tool boxes simplify the activity of carrying around tools.
    Similarly, Abstraction simplifies the carrying around of ideas and actions.

  5. Ontology is State
  6. This is where the 'binary' in computing comes in.

    Saying, "Ontology is State" is equivalent to saying, "What is ... Is Configuration".

    We can represent 'any' thing by a particular configuration of states.

    In many ways I think this is the heart of programing.

    It is not in the habit of viKid to repeat the work of other Superheros or that of mere mortal as a matter of fact.

    To learn more about knowledge representation click on this link. The site of the great Conrad Barski.

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