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emacs-400 Emacs, Shemacs! Emacs is the most wonderful editor in existence. To be sure I use vim too, when the situation arises. And in being a computer polyglot I think it is quite useful to have a few skills, but in terms of pleasure, Emacs wins!

The real problem with emacs is that it takes years to get into it. You have to persevere, you have to learn elisp and you have to spend time cultivating a gargantuan .emacs file.

Theres tonnes of information out there, plenty of starter kits to get you off the ground. But I would avoid them. Craft your own. It is the zen of emacs.

In the months and years that follow, I will be posting many of my emacs exploits, tip and tricks here on these pages. I hope that they will help you on your journey.

20may23   admin