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Vikid Health

Weight Loss

The triangle of weightloss Write down your goals in life. Link how the weight loss will help with that. Visit this daily.

Food Addiction

Food is different. We need food to live. It can't be avoided. Prepare your own food. Do not buy processed or restaurant food. Look forward to eating. It is your fuel. Delay your craving a little bit every day.

Chew food slowly. Eat slowly. Don't be a wolf.

The Law of Total Expectation

We get what we expect. Not more. And what we expect is what we are familiar with. We have to convince our subconscious mind that we are already losing weight. That it is natural and the only inevitable outcome. We do this by visiting our goals daily and connecting to the why of the goals.

Craving vs Habit - Break your habit with distraction.

Food Journal

Write down what you eat daily. Every Little Thing. Write down the gory details. Was it processed? Raw? Cooked to death? Takeaway or home cooked, etc... Write down how you felt before you ate it, and how you felt during and after. And record the time of eating. Read it out aloud.



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