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My tours around the world have time to time landed me in Spanish speaking lands. The natives there are quite interesting and speak a very beautiful language called Espanol.

Quiero hablar con ellos mucho pero no es fácil ;-)

Some years back I wrote a book about learning Spanish (or at least on a method I thought would work for someone trying to learn Spanish).

I wanted to publish the text below as a book but I never took my idea to its conclusion, which I need to if I ever want to publish.

The links below are some of the highlights of the work. The text is not properly ordered, many of the explanatory texts and diagrams are missing. The work is unfinished but may still be of use, hence I will publish whatever.

Please read my Caveat Emptor for details

El malvado cree en la verdad, de verdad

The viKid Principes of Spanish

This work is mostly unpolished. I leave it here free for your use. All I ask is an acknowledgment if you find it useful and use it in your work.


The Master Script / Apendico Maestro

Essense Script

Manipulation Script

Having and Possession Script

Introductions Script

Counting Script

Transport Script

Selectors Script

Questions Script

Actions Script

Instructions Script

Time Script

Your World Script

Links and Sources

  • Video Links
  • Learn Spanish on YouTube
  • Alfabeto
  • Aprendí Hoy
  • Basho & Friends Beginners Playlist
  • Borbot’s Favourite Songs
  • Lingo Mastery
  • Spanish with Paul


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